thera 650

The distinctive trait of our THERA 650, is its modular frame. This makes it suitable to any kind of production need, die configuration and speeds: making this machine also a versatile option.
Our THERA 650 is equipped with the best Colimatic technology: thanks to its high outputs, it is the perfect solution for high productions and big-sized products.


thera 650 fv

The FV version of our THERA 650, thanks to its double chambers, cuts down the changeover time. Reduced production time & costs, are the results of this extraordinary packaging machine.
This is the very best solution for any company in needing frequent changeover between formats: this will happen within seconds rather than hours!


thera 450

This machine’s compact & solid frame, allows its easy placement into reduced areas.
Our Thera 450 grants high Colimatic technology, at the service of medium production needs. This is the ideal packaging solution for companies requiring professional outputs in any kind of working environment.


thera 250

Our THERA 250, thanks to Its extremely reduced dimensions, high efficiency and competitive price, perfectly suits our customers in need to increase their production, for the first time using an automatic packaging system. Thera 250: compact, reliable and convenient.


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