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Innovative Solution for Medical Sutures Packaging :

Better Look & Massive Cost Savings!

Coligroup, machinery supplier for the medical and in particular for the suture packaging industry, since the early 80s, can undoubtedly be considered at the forefront of this application.

Colimatic Terminal Sterilization System (Colimatic PATENT N.202016000055495) includes our unique packaging machine Mod. Thera 650 Tyvek Stripe, as well as our innovative Blanking System.

main features:

  • As a matter of fact, the double (inner alu & outer film-paper) traditional packaging for sutures, is being replaced by many leading companies in the suture sector, with single aluminum packs: using our new Coligroup TERMINAL STERILIZATION SYSTEM (Colimatic PATENT N.202016000055495)
  • As well as being a better-look and more modern kind of packaging, this is also loved for its easy open features : which allow surgeons, to drop the suture straight on the sterile table, without any contact with other surfaces! This result is possible thanks to our Tyvek Window System: this suture pack does not need any outer packaging, granting massive savings on: Labour - Packaging costs - Sterilization process
  • Some of our customers, have worked out up to 35% total cost savings!

special optional features of this line:

  • Additional die configurations for traditional sutures
  • High-resolution pin hole detection systems
  • Bar code reading systems (to reduce foil & films useless wastage)
  • Product presence detection systems
  • OCV-OCR Vision Systems
  • Innovative printing solutions on aluminum & medical papers
  • Customized semi automatic & robotic sutures feeding systems
  • CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Title 21 Part 11 : unique and effective software tool, to ensure the traceability of electronic data, according to the guidelines issued by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
  • Full Validation Procedures (GAMP compliant)


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