TDF 1650 - TDF 1900 - TDF 2200

Our traysealer machines mod. TDF1650, TDF1900, TDF2200 are designed for medium to high productions. Available with vacuum, protective atmosphere and/or skin function, these can be used with any kind of preformed tray. Thanks to their several Brushless motors, production cycles are optimized according the product specific features. Efficient collection of the trays is granted by efficient pushers, with horizontal movement dedicated for each tray.



The alveolar-chain packaging machine mod.TDF1500 is the best packaging solution for any solid, creamy or liquid product, packed into pre-formed trays or cups. The optional features to make this application unique are our: automatic tray / product /lid feeding, as well as the application of “aroma-saver“ lid applicator to reclose the trays, after the inner film lid removal.


TDF 1000 E

Automatic tray sealing machine mod. TDF1000E, suitable to medium production outputs, sealing, MAP and Skin packaging options available.


TDF 500

Our semi-automatic tray sealing machines mod. TDF500 and TDF500 SA, are perfect for small productions, as well as new products market tests. Cardboard and plastic trays, can be sealed with or without MAP (modified atmosphere).


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