special projects

Automatic Line for Snacks

Colimatic’s know-how & technical experience in the supply of turn-key dedicated lines for MAP packed snacks (breadsticks, crackers, biscuits, etc) combined with dip sauces (mayonnaise, chocolate, creams, etc.) filling, loading and packaging. Guarantee the best possible solutions on the market, in terms of reliability and prices. Cutting-edge concepts for de-nesting, counting, feeding, filling, dosing and packaging. Innovative and dedicated pick & place robotic loading. Outputs up to n.480 packs/minute!


Automatic line for: vacuum packed products into outer carton boxes

The line is composed by a thermoforming machine mod. THERA 650 for flexible materials, to realize packs in flexible film. It includes a motorized belt, realized with materials suitable for contact with foodstuff, product checkweigher and non-conform packs discharge device, sauces dosing system in pouches and final cartoning machine.


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