Automatic Packaging Machine mod. OMEGA 800 1C 1200

confezionatrice automatica
disegno tecnico confezionatrice automatica
progetto 3D confezionatrice automatica

Colimatic patent n. 4310376.6

technical features

  • Main machine structure in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Flowpack machine and vacuum chamber combination
  • Our Polyurethane belts have sealed sides and can be completely disassembled, for cleaning purposes
  • A sensors system, allows a customized cut of the length of each bag, according to the different length of each single product
  • Our Transport belts, with vertical adjustments and position sensors, allow an easy product transfer into the sealing chamber. Products entrance and exit, are controlled by photocells
  • Reel holder for film unwind – max width 900 mm, Ø 500 mm with moving arm and control, for easy film tensioning
  • Film preheating system on the area to be sealed longitudinally
  • Wheels for longitudinal sealing with electronic control of the temperature
  • Upper and lower sides of the sealing chamber, open simultaneously through special lifting mechanisms and position sensors
  • Cross double sealing bars, with an electronic card for temperature control and pneumatic movement. This bar makes the sealing when the concerned bag is outside the chamber, while the following bag is still inside the chamber
  • Precut system, pneumatically controlled. These holes are for vacuum execution




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