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COLIGROUP SPA offers a full range of customized packaging solutions, to meet the most diverse food and medical industry requirements.

The COLIMATIC Brand was born in 1973 thanks to the passion of Mr. Franco Libretti for optimization and industrial innovation; this brought a small company to expand in a few years, to become a true leader in the field.

After nearly half a century of success and continuous developments, we consider ourselves a big family, devoted to those professional values, which allow us to approach our customers as a partner, as well as a supplier.


Listen to our customers, in order to fully understand their needs, being also able to establish a successful communication, is our key to tailor made packaging solutions. Our customers’ success is our mission!


We believe that the quest for new technologies that are environmentally sustainable is one of the first goals that a modern company should have, because nowadays to protect our environment, is a duty of all. To respect our environmentis the priority of our production process.

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”
(Proverb of the Navajo people)


COLIMATIC SRL started in a small plant in Chiari, Brescia province: the heart of Northern Italy manufacturing sector.


The company moves to a new 1200 square meter site. The production focuses on the manufacture of automatic thermoforming machines with vacuum and modified atmosphere (MAP).


Colimatic moves to a new 3,000 square-meter factory. These years are based on the rationalization of our production processes, with the introduction of the CAD -CAM systems for our mechanical and electronic design. Our successful thermoforming machines mod TECNORAMA 420 and THEMA 90 were the first results of our improvements. During these years we also made our first patented applications.


We opened our US branch: Colimatic USA, in the industrial area of the city of Irvine (California).


At the beginning of the new century Colimatic launches its new series of thermoforming machines: mod. THERA 450, THERA 650 and the revolutionary THERA 650 FV. This functional, reliable and innovative machinery, allowed Colimatic to consolidate its position as a world leader supplier in the packaging market.


Premises Expansion by acquiring a new 1000 square-meter warehouse and office area.


Colimatic Argentina was born, with representative office and technical assistance in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area.


COLIGROUP Spa is set up, the family of the original founder, decided to join all the technological and production activities, under one roof.


Our R & D department is consolidated, including all the best technicians and designer whom, over the years, have decided to believe in our dream.


Coligroup officially enters the world of the automatic lines for ready meals, commissioning its first fully automatic lasagna preparation line.


Our “Coligroup Terminal Sterilization System”, represents a breakthrough in the medical packaging industry! This new Sutures packaging machinery concept, is adopted by several of the most renowned companies in the medical field.


Creation of our rock solid Tray Sealer mod. TDF1650, to be followed by the bigger models: TDF1900 & TDF 2200.


Our first Alveolar Packaging Machine mod TDF in 1500 is created, an innovative product in terms of cleaning features and productivity.


A new 1.600 square meter production area is set up by Coligroup, as a result of the market success achieved by our latest innovative packaging machines


Development of integrated vision system. The final packs quality control is automatically performed in order to verify sealing quality, product presence, product qualities, printing, variables data and codes.


The biggest dairy industry in Asia, relies on Coligroup for the supply of a comprehensive mozzarella shrink packaging line; while one of the worldwide biggest snack producers, trusts Coligroup for the supply of their special breadstick feeding system.
Coligroup adopts the CFR 21 part 11: an integrated quality and software control technology, to improve the process and the product traceability.
Development of integrated and innovative vision systems: OCR & OCV technology to ensure product presence and features, as well as sealing and printing quality.


”The future can not be contemplated as a leap of faith , as madness nor an adventure with no return . The future lies in the past and gets its energy from the present”.
( Felipe VI of Spain)

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